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Carli Suspension

DirtyDiesels, located conveniently in Birdsboro PA is your go-to destination for Carli Suspension products, offering premium suspension solutions designed for Ford and Ram trucks. Carli Suspension is renowned for delivering the absolute best ride quality both on and off-road, and it stands as the epitome of off-road capability for your Ford or Ram Truck. Here's why Carli Suspension is a fantastic choice for your truck:


Top-Quality Suspension: Carli Suspension is synonymous with top-quality suspension systems. Their products are meticulously engineered and crafted to provide an unparalleled combination of comfort, performance, and ruggedness.

Exceptional Ride Quality: Carli Suspension prioritizes ride quality like no other. Their suspension systems are designed to offer a smoother, more comfortable ride on both on-road and off-road terrains, maximizing handling, and enhancing driver and passenger comfort.

Superior Off-Road Capability: If you're an off-road enthusiast, Carli Suspension is the ultimate choice. These systems are engineered to provide the best off-road capabilities in the industry, with features that enhance ground clearance, articulation, and handling on challenging terrain.

Versatile Options: Carli Suspension offers a wide range of suspension solutions to suit various uses and budgets. From entry-level upgrades to extreme off-road capabilities, you can customize your suspension system to meet your specific needs and preferences. Carli Suspension systems are also very modular, leaving the option for future upgrades

Expert Installation: DirtyDiesels is not only a supplier of Carli Suspension but also a premier installation service provider. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of Ford and Ram trucks, ensuring that your suspension system is installed accurately and professionally. At DirtyDiesels we also offer expert consulatation for choosing the ideal Carli Suspension setup for your specific truck and use.


Convenient Location: Our location near Reading, PA, makes it easy for customers in the region and beyond to access Carli Suspension products and expert installation services. We are proud to be one of the select installers on the East Coast.

Transportation Services: If distance is a concern, we offer transportation services to get your truck to us and back to you. This convenience ensures that you can benefit from our expertise of your Carli Suspension installation regardless of your location.


By choosing Carli Suspension products through DirtyDiesels, you're making a wise decision to upgrade your Ford or Ram truck's suspension. Carli Suspension's focus on quality, ride comfort, off-road capabilities, and our professional installation and transportation services position Carli Suspension as the ultimate choice for truck owners who demand the very best in suspension performance.